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Our quiet camp­ground is lo­ca­ted in the moun­tains be­tween Val­dres and Halling­dal. The camp­ground is easy to access from the main road Rv 51, it’s just 500 me­ters dirt road un­til you arrive the quiet camp­ground sur­roun­ded by beauti­ful na­tu­re.
Tubbe­haugen Cam­ping open­ed for camp­ers in 1954, and has sin­ce had a long tra­dition of camp­ers en­joy­ing the beauti­ful sur­roun­dings.
Tubbe­haugen Camp­ing has 30 slots for tents, cara­vans, and RVs. They all have access to elec­tricity, and free Wi­Fi. There’s also cozy cottages with 4 beds and a kit­chen. Per­fect for the wint­er sea­son.

The­re’s two sani­tary buil­dings with WC and sho­wers, and the oppor­tunity to do laun­dry. From the camp­ground it’s only a short 300 meters walk to our own pond. He­re you can swim, paddle, fish, or just en­joy the beauti­ful sur­roun­dings around the camp­fire.

From Tubbe­haugen Camping you have access to a lot of diffe­rent activi­ties. Hiking, biking, moun­tain biking, fishing, geo­catching, paddling, cross-country skiing and skiing are just some off the activi­ties!

Look un­der “Sum­mer” and “Win­ter” for more informat­ion about the diffe­rent activi­ties!


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